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REV Group adds LNG engines to Capacity terminal tractors

REV Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicle brands and provider of parts and services, recently introduced engines fueled by liquid natural gas (LNG) in its Capacity TJ9000 L9N terminal tractors.

LNG is a cleaner energy source compared to traditional Diesel options, the company said.

Capacity’s Cummins L9N LNG engine, which powers the TJ terminal tractor, features a near-zero emissions certification. Further, LNG is attractive option compared to other alternative fuels in matching the duty cycles of a diesel-powered tractor, REV said.

The stainless-steel tank used by Capacity Trucks was designed by Chart Industries and provides an expected service life of 25 years, which is a good match to the durability of the TJ9000 platform. With a tank volume of 127 gallons, the LNG tractor is set to exceed the total energy of Capacity’s standard 50-gallon Diesel tank.

The TJ9000 terminal tractor, powered by the L9N LNG engine, is set to take part in a case study performed by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Currently, 20 units will operate for one year at the Port of Los Angles in competition with fully-electric units manufactured by an industry competitor. REV expects the LNG units to fare well due to increased energy density, as electrical units will require refueling (charging) more frequently, and more time is required to perform a charge than to fill an LNG tank.

“Capacity Trucks is excited to be partnering with the California Energy Commission on this progressive project,” said Ray Quatrochi, REV Group’s vice president of product innovation. “Sustainability is a key initiative for REV Group, and this LNG case study will pave the way for further use of alternative fuels in terminal trucks and other specialty vehicles.”

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