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FlowBelow Aerofender

New FlowBelow trailer AeroKit, tractor AeroFender devices showcased at TMC

During the 2017 Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, FlowBelow Aero Inc showed two of its newest technology products to complement the company’s flagship fuel-saving Tractor AeroKit device.

The tractor-mounted AeroFender is a patented aerodynamic replacement for standard (non-aerodynamic) quarter fenders. The device is installed in front of the forward-most drive wheels of single-axle and tandem-axle tractors and helps to direct airflow past the tractor drive wheels.

The AeroFender may be used by itself, but a higher total fuel savings can be realized when used in combination with wheel covers, center tandem fairings, and rear tandem fairings, on the tractor. The intended results for the AeroFender are both safety and efficiency benefits in terms of reduced drag and reduced splash and spray. The AeroFender is expected to be available for purchase in late 2017. 

FlowBelow also debuted its Trailer AeroKit system, which is the first aerodynamic product of its kind that is mounted directly to the trailer suspension. The Trailer AeroKit utilizes wheel covers in combination with patented fairings in front, between, and behind the wheels. The wheel covers and fairings work together as a system to address the complex airflow around the trailer wheels and suspension.

The system is designed to complement other trailer mounted aerodynamic devices such as trailer skirts and tails and offers additive fuel savings depending on the combination of devices deployed. The Trailer AeroKit is expected to be available for purchase in late 2017.  


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