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Macquarie planning to transport containerized LNG to Hawaii

Macquarie Infrastructure Company’s Hawai’iGas business received a decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that is expected to accelerate Hawai’iGas’ proposal to transport containerized liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US mainland to Hawaii.

In a decision published in January, the FERC declined to assert jurisdiction over Hawai’iGas’ proposal, thereby removing a potential federal hurdle to the project. Hawai’iGas sought FERC approval in an August 2012 filing. The project remains subject to satisfaction of state and local regulatory requirements.

“The FERC’s decision not to assert jurisdiction over the proposed transportation of LNG to Hawaii is a positive step for both the company and the Hawaiian economy,” says James Hooke, chief executive officer of Macquarie Infrastructure Company. “The decision should hasten the implementation of the LNG program at Hawai’iGas and opens the door to reducing the cost of energy in Hawaii.”

At current prices LNG is about 25% less expensive than the feedstock used to produce the synthetic natural gas distributed to Hawai’iGas’ utility customers.

In anticipation of the required approvals, Hawai’iGas has secured the equipment necessary for the vaporization of LNG and two LNG shipping containers. The company plans to employ up to 20 containers in a continuous cycle of transport of liquefied natural gas from the US mainland to Hawaii.

Hawai’iGas expects to be prepared to receive a first container of LNG in as little as 60 days, subject to its having obtained required approvals from state and local authorities.

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