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Kenworth roundup

Kenworth shows array of technology and developments during ACT Expo

ATTENDEES at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo saw Kenworth trucks incorporating the latest green emission technologies designed to help fleets and truck operators address requirements for emission reduction.

Leading the way were two special Kenworth T680 day cabs. The first T680 is called HECT (Hybrid Electric Cargo Transport), and the second T680 is ZECT (Zero Emission Cargo Transport). Both the T680 HECT and T680 ZECT projects are funded in part by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the US Department of Energy, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

The T680 HECT tractor, which made its public debut at ACT Expo, incorporates a parallel hybrid electric propulsion system that uses the Cummins Westport ISL G Near Zero (NZ) emission engine fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG), in combination with a generator to extend the truck’s battery range. The truck has a 30-mile zero emissions range using electricity stored in the onboard lithium-ion batteries. When the batteries are depleted, the near-zero emission engine turns on to generate more energy and extend the truck’s range up to 250 miles. 

The T680 ZECT tractor, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, uses a hydrogen fuel cell that combines compressed hydrogen gas and air to produce electricity, with only water vapor emitted at the exhaust pipe. The electrical energy can power the dual-rotor electric motor to move the truck, or recharge the lithium-ion batteries for use later. The electric drive system manages the power from the fuel cell to and from the batteries, as well as the traction motors and other components, such as the electrified power steering and brake air compressor.

Both the T680 HECT and T680 ZECT are in development and testing, with field trials scheduled to begin later this year with Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI) at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California.

Also displayed was a T680 specified with the Cummins Westport ISX 12 G natural gas engine. The 12-liter, 400-hp natural gas engine operates on CNG, and is available for both the T680 and T880. The truck features the Worthington Industries natural gas fuel and tank system.

“We’re providing fleets and truck operators at the ACT Expo a good look at what we offer to further reduce emissions today, while showing new developments with the T680 HECT and T680 ZECT trucks that will help with future environmental stewardship goals,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

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