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International ProStar+ with MaxxForce 13 EGR engine beats competitors

Navistar Inc has announced results from independent, third-party testing that prove the new 2010 International ProStar+ Class 8 tractor with the MaxxForce 13 Advanced EGR engine is a leader in fluid economy—a measurement of diesel fuel plus liquid urea consumed and the new standard of comparison for Class 8 trucks.

During the past several years, Navistar has conducted third-party aerodynamic wind tunnel testing at the National Research Council (NRC), Canada’s organization for research and development. In February, Navistar teamed with the US Department of Energy (DOE), the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and other industry partners to conduct full-scale wind-tunnel tests with a 53-foot trailer. Testing was conducted at the NASA Ames Research Center, home to the world’s largest wind-tunnel testing facility. In addition, this is Navistar’s third independent over-the-road test since 2008.

Navistar commissioned the Transportation Research Center Inc to conduct a fluid economy comparison. TRC Inc did independent TMC (Technology & Maintenance Council) Type IV testing of three EPA 2010-compliant trucks: International ProStar+ with MaxxForce Advanced EGR versus Freightliner Cascadia and Kenworth T660, both with liquid-urea SCR.

Specifications for each truck were as similar as possible. Only one tank of diesel per truck was allowed. Each truck was equipped with its most fuel-efficient engine. Each ran three 444-mile runs on public highways, in real-world conditions. Drivers and trailers were switched at the mid-point of each test.

Test results were clear. Comparing fluid economy, the 2010 International ProStar+ with MaxxForce 13 consistently outperformed the competing trucks by nearly 1% to 2.5%.

The ProStar+ is 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. Including the MaxxForce 13, with its lightweight compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block, and MaxxForce Advanced EGR emissions technology, the ProStar+ has an additional 600-pound advantage versus the leading 15-liter engine, providing an extra 1,300 pounds of added payload capacity.

The ProStar+ includes refined interior functionality. A re-engineered overhead console allows for easier reach and even includes an in-cab paper towel dispenser. Storage has been improved, with the Hi-Rise model seeing a 150% increase in captured storage and a 50% improvement in total storage.

In addition, the ProStar+ cab environment has become even quieter. Cab noise levels have dropped 9% compared with 2009’s ProStar. Other driver satisfaction improvements include a better clutch feel with less effort and more foot room.

Visit for more information on the testing and results.

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