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Dillon Transport wins NGV Achievement Award

The Clean Vehicle Education Foundation (CVEF) and Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGV America) recently presented Dillon Transport Inc a 2013 NGV Achievement Award for its Natural Gas Fleet Program during an award ceremony in Atlanta GA. The award recognizes Dillon Transport’s management team for their outstanding contributions toward the advancement of natural gas as a vehicular fuel.

Since adopting compressed natural gas as a vehicle fuel in 2011, Dillon Transport has replaced an estimated 16,500,000 gallons of diesel fuel with clean burning natural gas. The tank truck carrier’s commitment to natural gas as a transportation fuel has resulted in both cost savings and environmental sustainability benefits for shippers.

"We're buying 120 natural gas vehicles this year and we plan to fuel them at the new Trillium station in Tampa FL," says Jeff Dillon, president of Dillon Transport.

Dillon Transport is Trillium's lead customer at its newest public access compressed natural gas fueling station located at 4612 S 50th St, in Tampa FL. Trillium CNG, a business unit for Integrys Energy Group Inc is responsible for designing, building, operating, and maintaining the heavy-duty fast-fill station.

"We're proud of our association with Dillon Transport and the work they have done reducing supply chain costs and carbon emissions," says Mary Boettcher, president of Trillium CNG. "For one of our customers to win a prestigious national award is extremely gratifying.”

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