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Blue Planet bolsters hazmat management

March 28, 2024
Singapore-based company acquires Vac-Tech Engineering, which boasts dewatering and centrifuge systems that are ‘revolutionizing’ sustainability in hazardous waste disposal

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, headquartered in Singapore, recently acquired Vac-Tech Engineering in a key “circular-economy” milestone.

The acquisition strengthens Blue Planet’s technology in hazardous waste management and transportation, fortifying its mission to provide technology-driven solutions for waste management and upcycling, the company reproted. Vac-Tech is known for its expertise in hazardous waste treatment and specialized industrial services.

“Our commitment lies in providing the best hazardous waste management solutions to achieve objectives while upholding stringent safety and environmental standards,” Vac-Tech CEO Mark Lee, said in a news release. “We are proud to join forces with Blue Planet to further our shared vision of sustainable waste management.”

Vac- Tech’s Squiz-tech dewatering systems and centrifuge treatment systems are “revolutionizing” hazardous waste management, providing efficient and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, the company maintained. Additionally, Vac-Tech’s hazardous waste transportation services, including vacuum truck services and pump rental services, enhance its capabilities in hazmat managing and handling.

“This partnership is an essential addition to our business and contributes in advocating our circular economy objectives,” said Madhujeet Chimni, Blue Planet founder and chairman. “Vac-Tech’s expertise in handling hazardous waste complements Blue Planet’s objective of reaching zero waste levels sent to landfills.”

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