Interest in electric powered trucks and tractors accelerated by GHG-2, SuperTruck II

Sept. 20, 2017

Following a quarter heavily focused on automated manual transmissions, the attention in Q3’2017 has been directed to electric power, as noted in the NA On-highway CV Engine Outlook, by Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research and Rhein Associates.

The NA On-highway CV Engine Outlook is designed to present historical trends, current activity and forecasts of engine demand in on-highway commercial vehicles. The report analyzes significant trends in engine displacement, engine type (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and other), captive versus non-captive engines, and premium versus non-premium power for Class 8 vehicles.

Three different companies have recently made significant announcements in the electric vehicle industry. Chanje, a California-based commercial electric vehicle (EV) and energy solutions company, is poised to bring meaningful advancements to the medium duty vehicle segment, providing commercial all-electric vehicle transportation options at a previously unavailable scale and price.

“Chanje will introduce a commercial all-electric MD vehicle in Q4’17, available at mass scale in the US,” said Tom Rhein, president of Rhein Associates. “The vans reportedly already have volume orders and have been designed from the ground up as a purpose-built, long-life EV truck.”

Motiv Power Systems announced that the City of Sacramento CA will receive of its first all-electric automated left-side loader refuse truck in early 2018. The fundamental technology powering the Electric Refuse Vehicle (ERV) is the all-electric powertrain by Motiv.

“The Class 8 vehicle will be built on a Crane Carrier chassis, and the body will be built by Loadmaster,” said Rhein.

The Sacramento ERV will be one of only two all-electric refuse trucks in operation within North America, both powered by Motiv; the other is in Chicago IL.

Cummins Inc stunned the trucking industry with the launch of its own new and fully electric, Class 7 daycab tractor, dubbed the Urban Hauler EV, a prototype model for demonstration purposes only. Cummins plans to start production of electric powertrains for transit buses in cities around the world in 2019, according to a conference call with Cummins executives and reported by Reuters.

“Company executives said that more industrial and commercial uses will follow in the years to come, especially as the battery range for EVs increases,” said Rhein.