Cummins Westport rolls out Natural Gas Playbook website

July 5, 2017

Cummins Westport Inc has introduced The Natural Gas Playbook website designed to provide new and existing natural gas customers with guidance on evaluating and operating Cummins Westport powered natural gas vehicles.

Located at, the five-step Natural Gas Playbook features information and tips on how to Assess, Specify, Prepare, Implement, and Operate/Maintain a Cummins Westport powered natural gas fleet. It provides information to users who have questions about operating natural gas vehicles. 

Questions like--What is natural gas and how does it reduce fleet emissions? Can I calculate the emission reductions with natural gas? What are zero carbon renewable fuels? How do natural gas engines operate, and what about my application and the operational costs and maintenance requirements?

In addition to tips and tools about CWI products, the playbook also provides the opportunity to connect with Cummins and Cummins Westport experts to answer questions and support the successful adoption of natural gas into truck, refuse, school bus, and transit applications.

To further assist customers, the playbook offers two new calculators--a Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Calculator and a Payback Calculator. The easy-to-use GHG calculator is based on three published North American Well-to-Wheel GHG Models: GREET, GREET California, and GHGenius. It provides the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) WTW emission reductions possible with the use of natural gas or renewable natural gas in a variety of applications.

The Payback Calculator is a tool to calculate fuel savings, average fleet speed, service intervals, and fuel system capacity requirements. Learn more at