Agility sees more demand for Blue iQ, announces new focus on global propane market

May 3, 2017

Since Agility Fuel Solutions launched Blue iQ two months ago, its customers have been enthusiastic about the product. Agility has begun shipping its first production units for both large and small fleets and is pleased to announce it is ready to expand acceptance of orders from all customers for Blue iQ equipped fuel systems.

“As a result of our product development work with Cummins, Agility accesses proprietary engine data that optimizes on-highway performance and vastly improves diagnostic capability for optimized uptime and return on investment,” said William Nowicke, chief operating officer and president, Fuel Systems business unit. “Our customers are looking for a better-than-diesel driving experience and Blue iQ delivers.”

All fuel system manufacturers have access to on-board diagnostic data, but Blue iQ takes it to another level by integrating with Cummins Connected Diagnostics, INSITE service tool, and QuickServe support to connect vehicles, drivers, managers and technicians for real-time management, diagnostics and service. In addition, Blue iQ is the only natural gas fuel system that has access to Cummins proprietary engine data. Its Smart Gauge dashboard has Vehicle Range Monitor to determine how far drivers can go with the fuel on board, Eco Mode to help avoid unplanned refueling at low fuel levels, and Limp Home Mode to get drivers safely out of traffic at extremely low fuel levels. There’s even Cold Start Logic to ensure no downtime on cold mornings.

Agility Fuel Solutions also announced plans to broaden its product portfolio for global commercial vehicle OEMs by adding complete propane powertrain system capability. The company has created a new Powertrain Systems business unit to complement its existing natural gas high-pressure Fuel Systems and Cylinders/Europe business units. Powertrain Systems will focus initially on the development, certification and integration of low-pressure propane fuel systems for integration on OEM engines and vehicles.

Long an established fuel in industrial vehicle markets, propane is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for commercial fleets because it reduces greenhouse gases without sacrificing performance. Propane vehicles have similar power, acceleration and cruising speed to gasoline vehicles with fuel that has lower carbon content than gasoline, diesel, and ethanol.