ACT Research offers free natural gas report, expanded reporting on alternative fuel market

Jan. 4, 2017

Contrary to other reports in the transportation world, ACT Research believes the natural gas and alternative fuel industries in the United States are very much alive and kicking.

The leading publisher of new and used commercial vehicle industry data, market analysis, and forecasting services for North America continues to monitor the alternative transportation fuels market, and was recently in attendance at the Nikola One ( unveiling in Salt Lake City UT.

Because of the continuing interest in natural gas as a truck fuel, ACT’s Senior Partner and General Manager Ken Vieth, has authorized his staff to make available at no charge a white paper titled “TAKING THE NEXT STEP: Preparing the Maintenance Shop for the Arrival of Natural Gas Trucks.” The report was originally by subscription only in 2013, but the information is nonetheless still valid.

“The adoption of an alternative transportation fuel, including but not limited to natural gas is a three-step process,” Vieth said. “First, you’ll need to determine whether any alternative fuel is right for your firm’s operation. Then, you’ll need to decide which alternative is best and if it includes the availability of refueling infrastructure, engine technology, and emission regulations in the areas where your fleet is stationed and/or travels. The third step is to determine how the maintenance will be handled and whether your facilities should be modified or constructed to be compliant with applicable fuel codes.”

“Because we see that any of a number of alternative fuels may be right for a fleet’s operations, we’ve also decided to expand coverage to include these fuels in our revamped ‘Natural Gas & Alternative Fuels Quarterly,’ which lets readers learn about fuel prices, infrastructure, research and development, total cost of ownership for an alternative fuel fleet, potential emission regulation impacts, and many other aspects of this transition (or not) decision, but without requiring the reader to invest staff time to do the research and analysis.” He added, “What we’re providing is what we do best, the research and analysis, so that our subscribers can do what they do best, which is focus on their fleet and their fleets’ future.”

To receive the free report, please visit, and add “ACTAltFuel” in the “Comments” section. ACT also has a quick reference calculator for fleets considering moving from diesel to natural gas. It’s also free: (