TRALA notes GHG2 benchmark challenges

Oct. 6, 2016
Find TRALA response to stiff requirements of greenhouse gas emissions rule.

THE TRUCK Renting & Leasing Association expressed concerns about stiffer that expected requirements in the latest greenhouse gas emissions rule issued by the Obama administration. At the same time, the association said it was pleased that the 2027 final target date was retained.

TRALA representatives said that the final rule appears to have more stringent benchmarks than the original proposed rule, which called for a 36% improvement over 2010 levels by 2027. The Administration estimates the new benchmarks will cut emissions by more than 1 billion metric tons and decrease oil use by 1.8 billion barrels over the course of the lifetime of vehicles purchased under this new rule. On the upside, the final rule keeps intact 2027 as the final target date rather than speeding up that process which was under consideration.

TRALA and its allies such as the American Trucking Associations had advocated to EPA and NHTSA to keep three target dates—2021, 2024 and 2027—rather than have only until 2024 to reach these emissions goals. After speaking to its manufacturer partners, TRALA felt strongly that 2024 was simply not a realistic date for implementation.

Jake Jacoby, TRALA president and chief executive officer, said: “While TRALA remains concerned about even stricter standards being placed on truck manufacturers, we are pleased that the EPA and NHTSA granted our request to have the final implementation year of Phase 2 remain in 2027. TRALA also is pleased that there appears to be harmonization of standards and some additional flexibility for the OEMs to reach these targets.”  ♦

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