Mainstay Fuel Technologies adds 165 DGE back-of-cab CNG fuel storage

May 4, 2016

Mainstay Fuel Technologies Inc announced it has begun production of a new 165-diesel-gallon-equivalent (DGE) back-of-cab on-board CNG fuel storage and delivery system. Utilizing the latest generation of Type IV cylinder technology and proprietary fuel module designs, the system generates fast, more efficient fills and incorporates best in-class safety features.

“This 165 DGE back-of-cab configuration fills a product need that our customers have asked for, and we believe the narrow rail space requirements and reduced frame weight of the systems will be attractive to the fleets and dealers,” said David Benner, a company founder and director of business development and technical services. “This system is ready to go and we are already receiving very positive feedback.”

The same design and features will also be available in a 120 DGE back-of-cab configuration. The new systems can be paired with side-mount fuel storage to increase and/or match fleet range requirements.