Clean Energy NGV Easy Bay natgas vapor barrier system protects maintenance, storage facilities

Oct. 21, 2014

Clean Energy Fuels Corp launched NGV Easy Bay, the lowest cost separation and vapor containment system available for natural gas vehicle (NGV) maintenance and storage facilities. This is the first code-compliant fabric barrier system utilizing an industrial curtain designed for quick, cost-efficient installation and operation.

Developed by Clean Energy’s NGV Facility Modification team, NGV Easy Bay can be installed in a matter of days. Custom fabricated panels are scalable to accommodate a single bay isolation project or can be used to divide a large building into multiple bays for servicing or storing multiple vehicles. Features and benefits include:

  • Lowest-cost system available for the maintenance and storage of natural gas vehicles;
  • Meets local, state and national codes;
  • Scalable to accommodate single bay projects or as a barrier to divide a large building into multiple bays;
  • Retractable option for convenient storage;
  • Relocatable to expand existing NGV service area or can be moved to another building;
  • Turn-key design and installation services offered by Clean Energy;

“With NGV Easy Bay, customers now have an unprecedented and cost-effective option available to adapt their facility for NGVs,” says Tim Newman, general manager of Clean Energy’s facility modification group. “As fleets across the country convert their vehicles to natural gas, a growing need has emerged for a scalable and practical solution to modify facilities. NGV Easy Bay meets these needs remarkably well.”

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