Freightliner offers LNG fuel tanks for Cascadia

May 6, 2014

Freightliner Trucks now offers factory-installed liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel tanks for the Cascadia 113. This product offering joins the LNG and compressed natural gas (CNG) offerings in the 114SD and the M2 112, which have been available as a factory installed option since 2009.

Constructed of stainless steel, the factory-installed LNG tanks featured on the Cascadia 113 are available in a variety of configurations, with capacity up to 300 LNG gallons—142 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE)—giving trucks an approximate range of 600 miles. Freightliner also offers factory-installed CNG tank packages on the Cascadia 113, with capacities of up to 190 DGE.

Freightliner’s commitment to green technologies is part of parent company Daimler AG’s global “Shaping Future Transportation” initiative. Launched in 2007, the initiative is focused on reducing criteria pollutants, carbon dioxide, and fuel consumption through utilization of clean, efficient drive systems including clean diesel and alternative fuels. Since 2008, owner-operators and fleet managers have bought more than 3,000 of Freightliner’s natural gas trucks.

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