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Air Water acquires cryogenic equipment supplier

May 4, 2023
Addition of U.K.-based M1 Engineering, which makes specialty gas tank trailers and ISO tanks, to help Air Water build out its European hydrogen distribution infrastructure

Air Water, a manufacturer of industrial gasses headquartered in Osaka, Japan, recently acquired M1 Engineering, a provider of specialized cryogenic distribution equipment based in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1973 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, M1 is at the forefront of cryogenic distribution technology and development, offering a complete product line of atmospheric gasses, specialty gases, and LNG, Air Water said. Products include semitrailers, microbulk rigid units, and ISO tank containers. Additional capabilities include bespoke cold boxes for mini air separation plants to provide on-demand air gases.

“North America and Europe are key growth areas for Air Water Inc. globally,” Eric Rottier, COO of Air Water America and CEO of Taylor-Wharton and TOMCO2 Systems, said in a news release. “Over the past five years, Air Water has made significant investments in cryogenic equipment producers, acquiring Taylor-Wharton, TOMCO2 Systems, Cryogenic Vessels Alternative, Cryofin, CO2 Air (equipment only), AMCS Corp, and a stake in Dohmeyer Cryogenics.

“M1 is strategically positioned, with the compliment of Taylor-Wharton’s advanced technology in hydrogen distribution and refueling, to lead the build-out of the European hydrogen infrastructure that will be required to support the continued growth of fuel cell electric vehicles while further expanding the footprint in microbulk, CO2, and atmospheric transports.”

Added Jason Gill, managing director of M1: “In what is M1 Engineering’s 50th-year anniversary of trading, this transaction marks a historic milestone for the company. We’re excited for the opportunity to collaborate and grow with the Air Water America team to further enhance our product offering in hydrogen as the European market continues to expand.

“This acquisition enables M1 to access greater resources, products, and technology that will continue the long tradition of superior quality and technology that the M1 brand represents.”

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