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KAG supports hydrogen fueling project

Dec. 2, 2022
Ohio-based bulk hauler transports customer’s hydrogen trailer to the Port of Long Beach as part of zero-emissions infrastructure project

The Kenan Advantage Group continues to support the advancement of hydrogen as the “fuel of the future” for long-haul transportation.

The bulk carrier recently hauled a customer’s hydrogen trailer tube to Long Beach, California, where the Port of Long Beach and the Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES) are partnering to install hydrogen-powered fueling stations. Their goal is to make the port “the greenest port in the country.”

The customer, Iwatani Corporation of America, is an industrial gasses company based in Houston.

“The KAG team was super excited to be part of transporting our customer Iwatani’s hydrogen trailer to this event,” said Melissa Bradshaw, vice president of business development for KAG Merchant Gas. “We are privileged to help lead the way and promote the use of hydrogen.”

KAG has a history of hauling hydrogen for industrial gas customers, providing safe transport from producers to end users. Deliveries include fueling stations, industrial facilities, power generators, and testing sites.

The Port of Long Beach’s goal is to reach zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2035.

“KAG will continue to grow and lead initiatives to further the development of the hydrogen transportation infrastructure,” said John Frinzi, executive vice president for KAG Merchant Gas. “And we are best prepared to do this with our current footprint as the largest tank truck carrier in North America.”

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