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New vessel delivers LNG tank containers in China

Sept. 1, 2022
Longkou Port in China’s Shandong Province unloads 402 units filled with liquefied natural gas on cargo ship’s first visit to Yantai City

A newly christened large deck cargo ship now is delivering tank containers filled with liquified natural gas (LNG) to East China.

The new vessel, named Tiger Bintulu, measures 192 meters long and 37.6 meters wide, and is capable of carrying nearly 700 LNG tank containers loaded with a combined 15,000 tons of LNG, according to a news release.

The recent delivery to Yantai City’s Longkou Port in China’s Shandong Province marked the ship’s first voyage on the “Longkou-Malaysia” route for LNG imports.

“Longkou Customs has made active efforts coordinating among relevant parties to ensure smooth unloading of the ship,” customs officials said in the release. “With multiple supporting policies and customized supervision solutions, the 402 LNG tank containers were successfully unloaded from the vessel within 20 hours.”

Strategically located in the center of the Bohai Rim economic zone, Longkou Port is attempting to establish an import model for LNG tank containers with fixed route and ships. Since the beginning of 2022, Longkou Customs reports it has supervised eight shipments of imported LNG tank container carriers, totaling 1,327 container units.

Compared with traditional LNG transportation methods, LNG tank containers feature “lower cost, strong applicability, safety, and stability,” officials said.

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