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Sunbridge establishes CNG station in Midland Basin

Aug. 10, 2022
New alternative fuels facility for region’s oil and gas operators to deliver diesel alternatives with help from tank manufacturer Hanwha Cimarron

Sunbridge Energy Services, a provider of clean energy fuels, plans to open a natural gas compression station in the Midland Basin that boasts a capacity of 50 million cubic feet per day.

The company said the new facility will come online Aug. 31.

Sunbridge was formed by an executive team with “decades” of oil and gas drilling and operational experience with the goal of providing “environmentally clean, cost effective, and reliable fuel alternatives to diesel” for operators in the Permian Basin, helping them meet their emissions reduction goals. The strategic location of the company’s new compression station in the north Midland Basin will help minimize the number of necessary trailers and trucks, while ensuring on time deliveries to all customers, Sunbridge maintained.

“Oil and gas producers in the Permian and nationally are quickly switching to dual-fuel engines for completion, drilling, and midstream operations that can run on clean fuel alternatives, like compressed natural gas, to improve emissions reductions,” said Michael Hinds, CEO of Sunbridge. “Though there’s an abundance of supply and demand for compressed natural gas, there lacks a virtual pipeline that can transport clean fuels to operators at the highest standards for safety and service.

“The launch of our new facility in the Midland Basin is our first step to fulfilling our commitment to bridging this gap.”

Advanced transport safety

In partnership with Hanwha Cimarron, a manufacturer of high-pressure tanks and trailers, Sunbridge says it is deploying the “most advanced, patented composite tube technology”—currently used by SpaceX, Shell, and Nikola—where safety and reliability are paramount. It is the only tube of its kind that can pass the vacuum test and safely transport 100% compressed natural gas (CNG) and other clean fuels, such as renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen (H2).

Hanwha Cimarron’s Galaxy Type IV Trailers were chosen by Sunbridge to transport clean fuel alternatives because of their pressure vessel technology, superior certifications, and accreditations. The initial delivery of 120 Galaxy Type IV Trailers over the next 12-15 months is part of a long-term, 10-year agreement with Hanwha Cimarron.

“In partnership with Hanwha Cimarron, Sunbridge Energy Services will be the safest and most reliable option for producers in the Permian to meet their alternative fuel needs including CNG, CNG-H2 blend, and pure H2,” Hinds said. “We’re excited to build from the ground up a long-lasting infrastructure and network for the delivery of environmentally clean alternative fuels for the entire Permian.”

Sunbridge plans to launch more compression stations in the Permian Basin in the company months, the company said.

“We’re proud to be the high-pressure storage and transportation technology solution for Sunbridge Energy Services and to support their efforts to provide oil and gas operators in the Permian Basin with clean fuel solutions to meet their ESG needs,” said David Jeon, CEO of Hanwha Cimarron. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sunbridge long into the future.”

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