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Orange EV reveals new terminal truck series

Sept. 27, 2021
Intended for intermodal operations, the fast charge electric trucks trucks will haul 180,000 lb loads up to 32 mph, meeting demands of port and rail operations.

Orange EV has introduced its new intermodal terminal trucks, scheduled to be available in Q3 2022, to meet the increased cargo handling and lifting demands required by port and rail intermodal operations.

Orange EV’s T-Series Class 8 electric terminal trucks have been commercially deployed since 2015 and have proven their outstanding performance, uptime, and cost savings during more than 1 million hours of operation. Built on the experience and success of the T-Series, the new series boasts new design elements and additional power to deliver the increased performance required by faster-paced, maximum-load operations: 

  • Speed: Up to 32 mph
  • GCWR: 180,000 lbs.
  • Battery capacity: Up to 233 kWh Super Duty
  • Fast charging for 24-hour operations
  • Reinforced frame and boom
  • ROPS/FOPS compliant
  • Increased hydraulic capacity 

In addition to the new trucks being a strong fit for intermodal operations, the company stated that they will also perform especially well in distribution centers and other environments that operate with very heavy loads, steep grades, and/or require faster speeds. Just as the T-Series has been transforming yard management, the new series of trucks will increase efficiency and reduce costs to intermodal operators providing essential services. 

“Orange EV understands the vital role that today’s port and rail hubs play in goods movement, warehousing, and freight distribution,” said Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV’s Chief Technology Officer. “Intermodal operations that have been looking for safer, more reliable, cost-effective trucks that can do the job now have a solution. The new Orange EV trucks will deliver all that and more.” 

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