Viking Pump creates historical museum

In honor of its 100-year anniversary, Viking Pump has created a historical museum highlighting the innovations on which the company was founded.

The museum allows visitors to travel with Viking Pump through the past 100 years. It starts with the Granddad pump, originally created 100 years ago, and flows through to current applications, literature, and pumping innovations. Complete with artifacts through the years and interactive displays, this museum is designed to engage all visitors with a mixture of history and current technology.

An idler display highlights the range of idler sizes created and machined by Viking Pump. Their size ranges from ¾ inch to almost 1½ feet. The smallest idlers weigh approximately 0.25 lbs and are used on pumps that weigh around 5 lbs, while the largest idler weighs approximately 250 lbs and is used on a pump that weighs about 2,700 lbs.

Down the hall of the museum, a production process display highlights the pump creation process from beginning to end. A pump begins at Viking’s foundries as basic raw material. Throughout the melt, mold, shakeout, machining, assembly, and paint processes, a complete pump is created. This display uses panels and a visual display to articulate the process behind pump creation.

Anyone interested in touring the museum can contact Debbie Kleitsch at [email protected].

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