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TRP provides remanufactured brakes line

TRP has introduced an aftermarket brake program that offers brake linings for both 20,000- and 23,000-pound applications, helping operators comply with the newest truck, trailer, and bus requirements.

“With the recent passage of more stringent stopping distance requirements and the emphasis that the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration places on brakes in its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, the scrutiny on brake quality and adjustment has increased dramatically,” said Jeff Hughes, TRP development manager.

TRP offers a range of remanufactured brakes engineered for medium- and heavy-duty trucks and trailers in different applications, from city delivery to heavy-haul. The range also includes severe-service brake products for high-heat, high-duty-cycle applications like bus transport, refuse collection, and construction.

“Each grade is uniquely engineered and formulated to provide consistent braking performance and long lining life for specific applications,” said Hughes. Single brake shoes and kits are available in 15-by-4-inch and 16.5-by-7-inch sizes for both tractors and trailers. All products offered in the TRP program meet FMVSS 121 standards.

In the 20,000-lb gross axle weight rating (GAWR) range, TRP offers three grades of friction material for single and tandem axles. Premium-grade friction material is engineered to handle high braking-duty cycles encountered in city pick-up and delivery applications and where steep grades are also present. Standard-grade material is suited for on-highway, dry freight, intermodal leasing ,and straight truck applications. Linehaul or mid-grade material is suited for medium-duty, on-highway trailers, straight trucks, and tractors.

In the 23,000-lb GAWR, premium-grade friction material is suited for high-duty cycles and mountainous terrains, while standard-grade friction material is suited for on-highway trailers and tractors. TRP also offers 23,000-lb severe-service-grade friction, designed to meet demands of high-heat, high-duty cycle applications such as refuse, dump, mixer, tanker bus, and off-road applications. It provides maximum lining life, superior stopping power, and minimal fade.

Every TRP brake shoe is coined in a 1,000-ton press to ensure that it installs and performs perfectly. Each shoe also undergoes surface preparation to guarantee adhesion of the paint coating and prevent rust-jacking damage.

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