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Bulky rollout Charles Wilson/BT
Representatives from Bulky were on hand to roll out the company's freight-matching for bulk freight carriers during NTTC's 71st Annual Conference & Exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trimac, BASF to ‘revolutionize’ bulk logistics with Bulky

Companies says first freight-matching consortium will improve timeliness, fleet utilization, driver retention

BASF and bulk transportation specialist Trimac, one of the largest tank truck carriers in North America, are investing in freight-matching consortium Bulky in an effort to enhance bulk freight logistics, the companies say.

The consortium, which BASF and Trimac said is the first of its kind, is developing a technology platform designed to align with the specific requirements of the bulk industry. Carriers who join can expect improved fleet utilization and driver retention due to increased visibility and additional loads, and less effort to match their fleet with bulk freight restrictions.

“We are excited about Bulky as a way to greatly enhance the utility of our fleet,” said Matt Faure, CEO of Trimac.

Digital freight matching

Bulk manufacturers and shippers who join the consortium are empowered to make more agile and reliable customer shipments due to newly visible tanker truck capacity, their attributes and last contained, the companies said. Bulky accelerates time to market by leveraging award-winning, multi-patented Cargo Chief freight-matching technology.

“This announcement is an invitation to other bulk industry entities and professionals to join BASF and Trimac in Bulky, the freight-matching consortium,” the companies said.

Learn more about how to participate at


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