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Trackimo upgrades real-time GPS asset tracking system

Trackimo, a US-based IoT solutions provider, recently updated its fleet management system with new features, including new GPS tracking security integration.

The company says fleet managers deploying Trackimo devices now can easily track fleet vehicles and assets in real time.

“See which employee is on the move or which driver is waiting for their next assignment at the base,” Trackimo said. “Check all routes, see departure and arrival times, and assign new deliveries through (the device’s) communication capabilities in order to optimize your fleets’ deliveries and make money-saving decisions any time convenient for you.

“Trackimo’s 3G GPS tracker will surely give you a reliable real-time tracking performance you need.”


Trackimo claims to offer affordable pricing and monthly subscriptions. The device works across unlimited distances, the company said, by using four different tracking technologies—GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth— to accurately locate anyone or anything.

Features include:

  • Real-time worldwide tracking. Since Trackimo uses a hybrid of GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking technology, it can accurately locate assets worldwide, indoor or outdoor, in real-time.
  • Multiple device tracking. Add and manage several devices—up to 100 on a single account—on a single desktop, tablet or phone display for tracking an entire fleet of vehicles.
  • Geofencing. Geofence alerts notify managers when the tracker is somewhere outside the allowed area, helping catch thieves red-handed. Notifications also are provided when the device starts moving or when it exceeds preset speeds, helping reduce maintenance costs.
  • SOS button. One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep a workforce safe is through use of a GPS tracker’s SOS button. Employees can easily send an alarm message to the administrator, informing them of possible emergencies.
  • Device path history. Keep the device path history for up to five years.
  • Water-resistant. Trackimo can withstand occasional water splashes without damaging the internal wiring or chip—a feature important in choosing GPS trackers for any type of vehicle.
  • Long battery life. Trackimo’s battery can last up to a month in battery save mode on a single charge.


“No need for complicated fleet management technologies,” Trackimo maintained. “Simply attach your Trackimo to the asset you wish to locate and see their location information from the website or mobile app. The device is working out of the box, is easy to use, and will be up and running within minutes.”

The company says there are no activation or cancellation fees, and no other hidden charges.  Visit for more information.

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