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TrueTMS unveils advanced forecasting system

July 10, 2024
New TrueCast modeling tool for fuel and liquid bulk transporters empowers tank truck fleets to boost delivery efficiencies and service levels.

TrueTMS, a provider of transportation management systems, recently launched TrueCast, a fully integrated forecasting model designed to optimize order and delivery management for bulk liquid transporters and fuel haulers.

Efficient order and delivery planning is crucial to sustain profitable growth as fleet operating costs continue to rise. According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the average cost per mile reached a record $2.27 in 2023.

TrueCast addresses fuel delivery challenges to boost profitability and customer service, the company reported. By accurately forecasting customer order needs, the system helps fleets consolidate order volumes and optimize routes to eliminate deadhead miles.

For fuel haulers and liquid bulk transporters, key benefits of TrueCast include:

  • Automated order forecasting and greater accuracy
  • Optimal delivery planning based on determined re-order points
  • Reduced deadhead miles and improved asset utilization
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction from more precise delivery scheduling
“TrueCast represents a significant leap forward in order and delivery management for fuel and liquid haulers to increase profitability and gain a competitive edge in a demanding market,” George Thellman, TrueTMS director of business development and strategic relations, said in a news release.

“The new modeling technology streamlines order creation and delivery planning so fleets can operate more confidently and profitably.”

Core features of TrueCast provide:

  1. Automated order forecasting. Static and dynamic forecasting models allow users to set up forecasts based on average consumption or real-time tank gauge readings.
  2. Multi-commodity forecasting. TrueCast can handle multiple commodities for a single location. It considers trailer compartments and capacities to determine optimal delivery times and quantities.
  3. Forecasting simulator. This feature allows fleet administrators to input variables and forecast orders without creating orders. This process helps review and adjust parameters to meet customer and location-specific order requirements.
  4. Comprehensive dashboard. The system provides a big-picture view of orders, helping identify trends and ensure that all necessary factors are considered for optimal order creation.

By modeling static or real-time inventory data, TrueCast helps fleets maximize delivery volumes and efficiencies while meeting customer needs at each location. The result is fewer deadhead miles, fewer delivery stops, and preventing instances where drivers return with commodities in their tanks due to over-ordering.

The new system is available for the TrueLiquid extension of the cloud-based TrueTMS platform. The fuel and bulk liquid transport platform is a monthly subscription with regular delivery of new features and upgrades alongside 24/7 support.

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