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Counting down to NTTC’s Diamond Anniversary

June 5, 2019
Office of Defense Transportation orders construction of 200 large-capacity tank trailers in 1943

Founded in 1945—at the close of World War II—National Tank Truck Carriers Inc will celebrate 75 years (its Diamond Anniversary) in 2020. The association is planning a big party for its annual conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC.

Over more than seven decades, NTTC grew from a diamond in the rough to the multi-faceted organization that exists today.

From now through the end of 2020, Bulk Transporter will review some of the highlights of the tank truck industry and NTTC. These highlights will be drawn from the industry publication that grew into Bulk Transporter and will be posted in our Bulk Logistics Trends e-newsletter and on bulktransporter.com.

Free the rail tankcars

A story in the February-March 1943 issue of The Petroleum Transporter reported that the Office of Defense Transportation had authorized a new program for the immediate construction of 200 large-capacity tank trailer units to free needed rail tankcars for longhaul movement of petroleum.

The equipment, which was to be built on order for individual applicants, included approximately 95 three-axle trailers and 8,000-gallon trains, 75 semi-trailers of a capacity of 4,500 to 5,000 gallons for the movement of gasoline, and 30 semi-trailers of a maximum capacity of 3,000 gallons for the transport of liquefied petroleum gases. The program was expected to result in a total of 1,092 tank trailer units approved for construction since late December 1942.

By the time of the announcement, the program to promote the use of tank trailers for short-haul petroleum movements, had already enabled the diversion of approximately 14,000 rail tankcars to longhaul petroleum transport service.