Bulktransporter 6327 Oakley Transport Safety Pickup Cropped

Oakley Transport to award pickup for outstanding driver safety

Dec. 12, 2018
Oakley Transport will award a pickup truck for outstanding driver safety performance

Oakley Transport Inc, an ISO-certified leader in the liquid and dry bulk food grade transportation sector with the synergies of complimentary logistic services, has instituted an annual appreciation award, labeled Safety’s Super Sweepstakes, for outstanding safety and performance.

Beginning January 2019, all active Oakley Transport driving professionals will have an opportunity to earn tickets for merit-based achievements. These feats are broken into two primary categories that encompass safe performance and length of service.

“Because our productivity and profitability are directly impacted by the level of safety achieved by our driving professionals throughout the year, we focus on helping our team reach their true potential on the road by practicing safety at every touchpoint of their route,” said Kelly McDowell, Oakley Transport’s director of safety. “We recognize the challenges that are faced on the road, and we are committed to awarding our professionals for all their safe days and faithfulness to our family. As a result, our goal with Safety’s Super Sweepstakes is to not only thank our professionals, but continue to encourage a higher standard of excellence behind the wheel.”

Tickets for Safety’s Super Sweepstakes will be earned in conjunction with the company’s monthly safety bonuses and Quarterly Safe Performance Incentive award, evaluated through Oakley’s Smart Drive system. At the end of the year, tickets will be compiled for a drawing and a winner will be announced in January 2020 to receive a brand-new 2020 GMC Sierra pickup truck.

“We are extremely thankful for all of our drivers who provide their time, talents, and tenacity every day out on the roadways and where trust matters” said Pete DeStasio, Oakley Transport’s driver recruiter director. “This annual awards program is just a small token of our gratitude.”