Bulktransporter 5419 Schneider 2018 Safety Excellence Award Winner

Schneider earns National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award

July 3, 2018
Schneider earns National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award

Operating a fleet of over 10,000 tractors that travel along the same highways and byways as the motoring public means caution needs to be exercised every minute and every mile of the way.

Schneider, a premier provider of transportation, logistics and intermodal services, follows its number-one core value of Safety First and Always in everything it does, and is proud to announce it has been awarded the National Safety Council’s esteemed Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award. Schneider is the first truckload carrier to be honored with this award.

Schneider has long believed in investing in proven technology that enhances roadway safety. This award recognizes the successes of the company’s collision mitigation initiatives and affirms the company emulates its safety core value. With its proven success, Schneider encourages others--original equipment manufacturers, fleets and truck owners--to add collision mitigation technology on all new trucks, making highways safer for all motorists. 

“To be recognized by the National Safety Council is a tremendous honor--this is the gold standard for recognition in safety, and we are proud our focus on safety shines through in all we do,” says Tom DiSalvi, Schneider’s vice-president of safety and loss prevention. “It’s important to transport our customer’s materials on time, but it’s even more important to do it safely. We have now operated more than 3 billion miles with our collision mitigation system, and continue to work with original equipment manufacturers and component manufacturers to make the technology even better.”

In 2012, Schneider was one of the first large-scale carriers to implement a collision mitigation system on its fleet. This system reduced rear-end crash frequency by 68 percent and severity by 95%.

The NSC presents the Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award to organizations that show an unrelenting pursuit of exceptional, transferable safety. Organizations that uphold the best safety practices, programs, professionals, advocates and innovations advance NSC’s mission.

“Our award winners recognize that safety is a journey rather than a destination,” said Deborah A P Hersman, president and CEO, National Safety Council. “These individuals and organizations constantly ask, ‘What more can we do?’ We are proud to honor the winners and to recognize all the outstanding nominees that share the council’s goal of eliminating preventable deaths and injuries in our lifetime.”