Ryder honors Mexican trucking companies for service excellence

March 14, 2018
Ryder honors Mexican trucking companies for service excellence

Tank truck carriers were among the Mexican fleets honored when Ryder System Inc presented Service Excellence Awards to top-performing carriers at its eighth annual Mexican Carrier Recognition Event at the Hotel Westin Santa Fe in Mexico City.

Twenty Mexican trucking companies were recognized for their excellence in several key performance areas, such as safety and security, on-time performance, customer service, and continuous improvement for the last full calendar year.

“Ryder works with some of the best Mexican carriers in the country since we began our operations in Mexico in 1994 and the support that we receive from them has a direct impact on our ability to deliver on the promises to our customers across North America,” said Gene Sevilla, vice-president of Ryder International Supply Chain Solutions. “Ryder is proud to partner with industry-leading Mexican carriers as their efficient operations support some of the most complex elements of our global supply chain solutions. We work with a wide range of carrier companies in Mexico and our annual recognition allows us to distinguish those carriers that have gone above and beyond to support Ryder and our customers with safe and timely deliveries.”

The following were the Ryder Service Excellence Awards winners:

Large Carriers

Transportes Monroy Schiavon SA de CV.

Servicio de Transporte Internacional y Local SA de CV.

Midsize to Large Carriers

Auto Express Oriente SA de CV.

Transportes Pitic SA de CV.

Corsa Transportes SA de CV.

Autotransportes del Real SA de CV.

Transportes Gasa SA de CV.

Express MG SA de CV.

Midsize Carriers

Don Miguel Transportes S DE RL de CV.

Dynamo Fletes y Servicios SA de CV.

Fletes Lozmar SA de CV.

Servicios de Carga Transcar SA de CV.

Oscar Eli Pérez Pelaez

Servicios de Logística y Comercialización SEGA SA de CV.

Small to Midsize Carriers

Transportes de Especialidades Químicas SA de CV.

Junior Rodrigo Díaz García

Promotora Norte Pacífico SA de CV.

Alta Logística Flores Javier S DE RL de CV.

Tranmexco SA de CV.

Transportes Especializados TEMSA SA de CV 

Ryder provides comprehensive logistics and supply chain management solutions to companies with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In Mexico, Ryder contracts with more than 150 Mexican carriers. The company also handles 214,800 cross-border freight movements between the United States, Canada, and Mexico annually.