A&R Logistics raises driver pay by up to 10%

Sept. 20, 2017

A&R Logistics Inc announced it has increased driver pay effective October 1. Company drivers will be able to earn up to an additional 10% per loaded mile.

Steve Brantley, senior vice-president of terminal operations, said: “Over the past year A&R has focused on our top two priorities: safety and service. It starts with people and in this case our drivers. We have some of the safest and most professional bulk drivers in the industry. The structural changes we made last year in the organization has resulted in improved service, increased demand, enhanced driver recruiting, and lower driver turnover. 

“We recognize that none of this would be possible without our drivers. We are very excited to share with our drivers the results of their efforts over this past year. We have significantly improved our driver vacation policy to provide more time at home and are implementing a significant increase in their ability to earn higher wages. Drivers are our face to our customers’ client. Their professionalism and commitment to safety and customer service is what makes A&R the leader in dry bulk transportation.

“As a result of the increase in demand, we have more opportunities for qualified drivers and want to make sure we retain our current drivers. We service the top chemical companies and distributors in the world and will continue to provide the best service possible, safely. We are also launching efforts to upgrade and modernize our fleet to provide drivers the best equipment possible.”