KAG Logistics named Top 100 3PL provider by Inbound Logistics

Aug. 9, 2017

KAG Logistics Inc, a logistics and transportation leader in the liquid bulk industry, was selected as a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2017 by Inbound Logistics magazine. KAG Logistics joins this annual collection of third-party logistics service providers (3PL) that are the proven elite in the global industry.

"At KAG Logistics, we are honored to be recognized as an international leader in this industry," said Mike Forbes, senior vice-president of logistics solutions at KAG. "Through superior customer collaborations, we truly commit to the partnership and let them focus on developing and improving their core business competencies. That in turn lets us focus on delivering additional value through ours. The result is an effective strategy for success."

KAG Logistics specializes as a 3PL focusing on expertly moving a customer's goods through the supply chain. This is done through the effective collaboration and guaranteed reliability of KAG team members, each of whom are committed to the mutual success of the partnership. Ultimately, KAG Logistics optimizes execution strategies to provide the most efficient supply chain solutions, tailored to meet any unique needs.

KAG Logistics represents a group of dedicated professionals with years of experience who have provided exceptional customer service, technology solutions and the global connections necessary to keep its customers' shipments moving quickly and efficiently.