Oakley Transport opens new Pennsylvania terminal

May 17, 2017

Oakley Transport Inc, a leader in the liquid foodgrade transportation sector with the synergies of complementary logistic services for more than 30 years, has announced the opening of its latest terminal in Elizabethtown PA.

The new hub, which opened May 15, is located at the existing Elizabethtown Quala wash.

“Safety and quality are the cornerstones of our business, that’s why our partnership with Quala works so well,” said Thomas E Oakley, founder and owner of Oakley Transport Inc. “Five of our 10 terminals throughout the United States now boast Quala truck wash locations, giving us the ability to quickly clean tank assets to a standard we trust, which results in better service for our customers.”

The additional terminal will enable regional drivers to be home more often.

“There is a strong foodgrade market in this area, particularly in sweeteners and edible oils,” said Zane Schwenk, Oakley Transport’s national customer service manager. “The addition of a Pennsylvania terminal was requested by our customers looking for our services in the Northeast. We will continue to hire drivers in this area to accommodate the demand from our customers.”

The new terminal will bring new jobs to Elizabethtown with a terminal manager, dispatchers, and an increase in regional driver opportunities. Oakley Transport will be bringing between 30 power units and 50 tankers to the area with a plan for growth.

“We are excited about our new hub in the Northeast region of the United States, this will be a solid anchor to our consistently strong business and allows us to continue to provide the best service to our customers while taking care of our Oakley drivers,” Schwenk said.