Liquid CONcept expands logistics services in Europe

April 26, 2017

The Hamburg, Germany-based liquid logistics company Liquid CONcept is expanding its portfolio to include comprehensive transport services. This is Liquid CONcept’s response to high demand for complex system solutions provided by a single source. The focus in this sector is on catering to the customers’ specific requirements.

Liquid CONcept is being contracted in this area by a major European distributor of specialty chemicals. The complex job covers the entire supply chain, from bottling the liquid synthetic intermediate product Terathane 2000 to its shipment in intermediate bulk containers (IBC). Terathane 2000 serves as a precursor in the production of polyurethanes, polyesters, and polymers that are ultimately used in textiles, plastic parts, and adhesives.

To meet the customer’s stringent requirements and to safeguard their production processes, the chemical is transferred from tank containers to PE IBCs. At the customer’s specific request, the chemical is then shipped from the Netherlands to southern Germany exclusively in disposable IBC units.

As Terathane 2000 requires a minimum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius to be processed, these small containers are transported in climate-controlled trucks at all times. In addition to managing and processing the shipments, Liquid CONcept’s portfolio of services includes weighing and labeling the IBCs.