Hoyer, Dansk Fuels extend fuel hauling contract renewal

Jan. 25, 2017

German logistics company Hoyer GmbH, based in Hamburg, will work for the Danish petroleum company Dansk Fuels again in 2017. The two companies agreed on a one-year extension of the contract.

Hoyer will continue to be responsible for fuel supplies to around 220 fuel stations and six airports in Denmark.

One reason for the extension can be seen in the logistics service provider’s very good performance in the past year. Hoyer’s team in Denmark succeeded in carrying out the fuel station deliveries without a single product crossover. Mixing together different fuel types when tanks are filled from a road tanker is an ever-present risk that can cause considerable damage.

Jens Ole Olesen, managing director of Hoyer Denmark, says: “We have extremely good drivers, and we make a big investment in their training, which pays off. We also regularly involve our customers in safety training sessions.”

Hoyer employs 50 drivers and 20 trucks for the Dansk Fuels contract. The fuel stations, which at the time still belonged to the Shell petroleum group, have been supplied by the logistics specialist since 2005.

Since Shell withdrew from the Danish fuel station business, Hoyer has worked for its successor Dansk Fuels A/S--a subsidiary of the major energy supplier DCC Energi Danmark.

With respect to the Danish petroleum market, which has become highly dynamic, Jens Ole Olesen says: “We are proud that we have navigated very well through the big changes brought about by Shell’s withdrawal, and we enter the new year with confidence and will meet all the challenges awaiting us.”