Dupré Logistics chooses Fort Smith AR for new branch location of brokerage, 3PL service groups

Nov. 30, 2016

Dupré Logistics has chosen Fort Smith AR as the site for a new branch office to expand its brokerage and 3PL groups. The new branch at the Hendricks Hill Professional Complex is part of the company’s enhanced strategy to open regional offices while further developing its national intermediary and 3PL network.

“The Fort Smith-Van Buren area was selected for our regional branch office based on the large number of highly experienced professionals in the area,” said Dupré Logistics Vice-President of Strategic Capacity Services Mike Weindel. “Following an opening in early 2017, and as our network expands, we will continue to invest in people, infrastructure, and technology to support our growth over the next five years,”

A location was secured this fall at 3800 Rogers Avenue where renovations are underway. Hiring will begin in early 2017, allowing for an initial growth spurt. The company plans for the Fort Smith office to be a high-growth site in the future as the company continues to build its freight brokerage, 3PL, and intermodal businesses.

“The number of inquiries we have received far exceeds our expectations,” said the company’s Chief People Officer Brent Hebert. “The majority are professionals that are looking to work for a stable but growing company like Dupré. Once we start hiring, we anticipate quickly accelerating growth.

“We have a rigorous vetting process to help us identify the highest achieving and most motivated people. While it’s a lengthy process, once with Dupré we provide our people with the opportunity to work in a positive, growth-oriented environment with great compensation, benefits, and career advancement.”