Dupré Logistics donates to Louisiana flood relief

Oct. 25, 2016

In the spirit of providing an ‘Ideal Place to Work’, the Lafayette LA-based Dupré Logistics team of employees and their families joined to support 36 team members in need following the historic flooding throughout Louisiana in August of 2016.

Individual team members donated to the Dupré Employee Flood Recovery Fund to help those impacted and the company matched every dollar put in the fund.  The total raised has been distributed evenly between the team members affected. 

Dupré Chief Executive Officer Reggie Dupré said: “With so many team members whose houses, cars, and personal possessions have been partially or totally lost, it was heartwarming to see so many not hesitating to donate their own time and money to help team members recover. These team members are showing what we're made of here at Dupré, great people. I'm proud to be part of this caring, generous, serving team and I thank our team for everything they do to make themselves, our team members, and our company successful.”

The 36 team members with homes throughout the Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas and the surrounding parishes saw between six inches to eight feet of water. This historic 1,000-year flooding came without warning to the state that is in the beginning of what will be a long-term recovery. 

“I want to thank the entire Dupré family for their generosity and thoughtfulness and hope to someday be able to help a team member in this way,” said Curtis White, a Dupré professional driver, who lives in Denham Springs and saw eight feet of water in his home. 

Dolores Benoit, Dupré Dedicated Group administrative assistant, said: “My coworkers and I wanted to help because Dupré is family; that is what you do for family. Knowing that there is that support at work from not only the people you work with, but the company you work for means a lot.”