Hoyer GmbH acquires 97 new truck units

Oct. 12, 2016

Logistics and transportation company Hoyer, Hamburg, Germany, has invested in its truck fleet: 91 new truck units and 6 chassis were acquired from Volvo in the past few months.

The trucks have state-of-the-art design, and thus not only offer a commercial advantage but also have a positive effect on safety and the environment. The total investment volume amounts to around EUR 8 million.

Sixty of the truck units were ordered for the Chemilog business unit’s German and Polish locations, while the remaining 31 truck units and six chassis are destined for the Petrolog business unit’s business in Norway and the Baltic states.

All the Chemilog business unit’s trucks have full safety equipment. As well as the components required by law (emergency brake assistant and lane-keeping assistance system), they also have adaptive cruise control with collision warning, a lane change assistance system, a driver fatigue warning system and a semitrailer coupling fitted with sensor monitoring. The Petrolog business unit’s truck units also have comprehensive safety equipment.

The renewal of the truck fleet also means greater comfort and convenience as well as even more safety for Hoyer’s drivers. Hoyer’s procurement manager, Alexander Radlowsky says: “We believe it is very important that our drivers feel comfortable in the truck units and can carry out their daily work in the best possible way and above all safely. The Volvo truck units enable this by, among other things, large driver’s cabs and storage spaces, ergonomic seats and beds, and engine-independent air conditioning.”

Since the newly procured truck units are fitted with Volvo’s latest generation of engines, this can be expected to have beneficial effects on fuel consumption in the future. The driving instructors in Hoyer’s Chemilog business unit will also be trained by Volvo to familiarize them with the new truck technology and economical driving styles. The driving instructors will then pass on their knowledge to the other drivers within the company.