Tank truck news briefs: Technology, wash racks, ISIS

Aug. 10, 2016

The latest tank truck industry news includes a report on the new Plattsmouth NE five-year wastewater treatment agreement with Omaha Tank Wash LLC and Gorski Bulk Transport’s success in adopting leading-edge truck fleet technologies. Finally, more aerial attacks on ISIS crude oil truck convoys were reported.

1. Plattsmouth City NE city council members approved a five-year agreement with Omaha Tank Wash LLC, to provide wastewater treatment, according to The Plattsmouth Journal. Omaha Tank Wash was established in 2005, and is an affiliate of OFC/Schmidt Trucking LLC. The council’s decision followed the presentation of an engineering study of Omaha Tank Wash’s existing wastewater treatment facility at 108 East Bay Road. Omaha Tank Wash and its treatment system are outside the city of Plattsmouth’s corporate jurisdiction and its two-mile zoning jurisdiction.

2. Although Gorski Bulk Transport, Windsor ON, Canada, has been in the game for almost 60 years, it’s not an old dog that can’t learn new tricks, according to a report in Truck News. Or in trucking terms, it’s not a transport business that shakes it head at change and innovative or unknown, new technologies. The company adopted electronic logging devices (ELDs) in November 2010, early by anyone’s standards in the industry, and despite the initial pushback it received from drivers (Ted Gorski Jr said everyone at Gorski Bulk has a voice and is heard) today it is one of the things helping with driver retention. Since the ELDs, the tank truck carrier has added automated transmissions and disc brakes, and it’s in the process of installing a video intelligence system from PeopleNet.

3. A coalition forces air strike in Syria wiped out 83 oil tank trucks used by ISIS to transport crude oil, which is the group’s major source of funding, according to a report by Oilprice.com. The US-led operation reportedly took place August 7 near Syria’s border with Iraq, in the province of Deir Ezzor.