McKenzie Tank Lines recognizes million mile drivers

June 15, 2016

McKenzie Tank Lines has recognized 52 drivers who have each driven in excess of 1 million miles without a preventable accident while working for the Tallhassee FL-based tank truck carrier. The total combined mileage of the professionals exceeded 110 million miles. 

These drivers were presented with special gifts at annual safety banquets by Jim Shaeffer, chief executive officer; Frederick Dyson, chief operating officer; and Marguerite McCauley, chief financial officer.

Shaeffer praised the award recipients, saying: “It gives me great pride to recognize the achievements of these truly professional tank truck drivers."

The latest group of million mil drivers included two who exceeded 4 million miles--Ernest Sellers and Johnnie Kilgore—and eight who exceeded 3 million miles--Louis Ealey, Roy Simmons, Johnny Lee Wright, Bobby Joe Hensley, Donald Smith, Carl Whalin, Don O’Neal, and Artis Graham.

Sixteen broke the 2 million mile barrier--Franklin James, Henry Smidt, Carl Prichett, Tyrone Edwards, Randall Ash, David Ketring, Alvin Dixon, Donald Steen, Willie Edwards, William Trent, Ronald Greyling, David Williams, Robert Duvall, Luis Alfaro, Arnaldo Ysquierdo, and Samuel Guidry.

Twenty-six achieved their first million miles without a preventable accident--Anthony Messina, Philip Ward, Joe Ward, Richard McCall, Michael Cosimato, John Chiappini, Keith Butz, Laurence Marston, Herb Snow, Larry Clayton, Keith Morris, Daniel Fischer, Dinah Nichols, David Mears, Donald Ward, Michael Graham, Frank Simmons, Mark Wallace, Joe Cockrill, David Gordon, Miguel Perez, Cornelius Bray, Crespin Gonzalez, Anthony Woodard, George Mayfield, and Chris Feaster.