Kewill, INTTRA team up on SOLAS container weight verification product

May 25, 2016

Kewill, a leading provider of innovative software for supply chain execution, has teamed with INTTRA, the world's ocean shipping electronic marketplace, to deliver the first freight forwarding software capable of helping shippers and forwarders comply with the new SOLAS Container Weight Verification requirement set to take effect on July 1.

By combining Kewill’s Global Forwarding and INTTRA's eVGM Solution, shippers and forwarders will now be able to easily validate the verified gross mass [VGM] of their containers and transmit that data electronically to their carriers.

"Thanks to our partnership with INTTRA, customers who use Kewill Global Forwarding can easily comply with the new SOLAS regulations," said Jim Hoefflin, Kewill president and chief operating officer. "The tight integration between our products will allow companies to simplify and streamline their ocean shipments, which will lower operational costs and guarantee that their cargo gets to where it needs to go on time."

Inna Kuznetsova, INTTRA's president and chief operating officer, said: "The requirements for full-service freight forwarding software in the ocean shipping industry are expanding to include submitting VGMs, and Kewill is leading the way. Our integrated INTTRA eVGM solution will provide Kewill customers with the industry's most flexible, efficient and comprehensive VGM compliance service, which will create minimum disruption to existing business processes."

The International Maritime Organization's new container weight regulations are meant to help vessel operators and terminals ensure ships are properly balanced in weight. It requires all containers to be weighed and verified before being loaded onto a vessel. The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association [OCEMA], an association of 18 major carriers, has reaffirmed the IMO rule. 

"If you don't have a VGM action plan, start now. The clock is ticking," advises American Shipper in a new survey on VGM preparedness that was co-sponsored by Kewill and INTTRA. "Lean on technology, whether via the booking portals or systems offered by logistics providers, to help the submission process."

Coupled with INTTRA's eVGM solution, Kewill Global Forwarding can help companies:

• Submit and access SOLAS-compliant VGM measurements required by carriers under the new regulations.

• Lower costs by automating processes and reporting/documentation capabilities. Shipments can be managed across any mode on a local, national or global scale.

• Obtain end-to-end visibility across all shipments for customers and connect with global carriers and customs authorities for full collaboration.

• Stay up-to-date on changing customs and compliance regulations around the world.

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