Miller Transporters, Carbon Express honored with NTTC’s top fleet safety award

April 20, 2016
Find NTTC 2016 Outstanding Safety Performance Trophy winners.

Miller Transporters Inc, Jackson MS, and Carbon Express Inc, Wharton NJ, will be honored with National Tank Truck Carriers’ Outstanding Safety Performance Award for their calendar year 2015 safety achievements. The trophies will be presented during NTTC’s 68th Annual Conference & Exhibits at San Diego’s Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel from April 24-26. 

Heil Trailer International sponsors the two trophies which recognize the best tank truck safety programs in two carrier fleet mileage divisions.

“Heil Trailer is very proud to recognize these two winning motor carriers,” said EnTrans International’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Chapple. “Both companies understand the word SAFETY and what it means within our essential industry. Congratulations to both Miller Transporters and Carbon Express for bringing home the NTTC Outstanding Safety Performance Awards. The two Heil trophies embody a commitment to safety that is within NTTC’s mission statement.” 

Comprised of Heil Trailer International, Kalyn Siebert and SERVA, EnTrans International is a leading manufacturer of tank trailers, oilfield capital equipment, and related components used in the oil and gas industry.

NTTC enhanced the program last year to recognize two outstanding safety programs instead of one because the size of a fleet does not necessarily equate to approaching safety any less stringently. The Mileage Divisions are named after the association’s first two and longest-serving presidents:  Austin Sutherland (1945-1972) and his successor, Cliff Harvison (1972-2005). The mileage-based dividing line of the fleet size categories is 15 million miles. 

Miller won their 31.5-40 million mileage category, within the contest’s Harvison Division, with an accident frequency of 0.295 accidents per million miles. In the Sutherland Division, Carbon Express is the grand winner in the 3.5-5 million miles class. Carbon's accident frequency of zero accidents per million miles was the winning mark in their category. 

By winning their respective mileage classes, both motor carriers qualified as finalists for the Outstanding Safety Performance Awards. Miller Transporters’ Ray Riley and John Bowlby of Carbon Express will also be recognized as NTTC's Safety Professionals of the Year at the Safety Awards banquet during the annual meeting of NTTC’s Tank Truck Safety & Security Council on June 16 in St Petersburg FL.