Dow Chemical using WEW intermodal tanks for catalyst shipments

June 9, 2015

One of the world’s leading chemical companies, Dow, has put its faith in WEW to supply specialist intermodal tanks to transport catalyst. WEW’s solution involved building a robust 5,000 litre tank inside an ISO-style frame and fitting it with a specialist agitator.

“WEW worked closely with us in designing the solution for transporting the catalyst,” said Gaston Garayzar from Dow Chemicals. “It was very much a partnership between the two companies which has resulted in a tank very much fit for purpose.”

Dr Ulrich Bernhardt, Managing Director of WEW, added: “Dow quite rightly demanded a very high level quality transport solution which met or exceeded international transport requirements. Our in depth experience of these enabled us to provide them with a solution to their requirement.”

The 5m3 units have been designed to fully meet the ATEX requirements. WEW worked closely with its suppliers to source the right agitators and valves before integrating the components into the tank manufactured at the company’s facility in Weitefeld, Germany.