Liquid CONcept now hauling fruit in tank trailers in Europe

June 9, 2015

Fresh fruit is the latest addition to the range of products transported by Liquid CONcept, Hamburg, Germany-based specialist for liquid cargo logistics. Its insulated tank trailers will be shipping the fruit within Europe, especially products intended for further processing.

Liquid CONcept plans to offer fruit transportation throughout Europe all year round and on a daily basis. Wherever demand develops, the network of routes will be expanded and densified.

"This new service expands our portfolio of tanker transportation into fresh fruit," says Christian-Eycke Dörre, Liquid Concept managing director.

The new service is aimed at all producers and end-users of fresh fruit which is destined for additional processing. Liquid CONcept therefore expects good demand for fruit transport by tank trailer, particularly from the fruit processing segment of the food industry, such as manufacturers of preserves and juices. Liquid CONcept’s new logistics solution guarantees fast and reliable transport of fresh fruit and its punctual just-in-time delivery to recipients.

Initially 40 tank trailers with a capacity of up to 35,000 liters each will be deployed on European routes. To ensure that the perishable cargo is protected against adverse temperature effects, the insulated tanks are temperature controlled. Transport by tank trailer is especially suitable for fruits such as cherries, strawberries, apricots, raspberries, and red or black currants.