Langer Transport adopts Omnitracs MCP50 on-board ELD system

Feb. 4, 2015

Langer Transport is installing the Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50) and key applications across its fleet of tractors. The mobile fleet management technology will help the tank truck carrier continue to serve its customers’ unique needs, improve operational efficiency and manage regulatory compliance.

Langer Transport is a leading tank truck carrier that has been in business for more than 80 years and serves customers in the chemical, oil, foodgrade, consumer care, and pharmaceutical industries throughout North America. Before adopting Omnitracs’ fleet management and electronic logging device solution, Langer Transport was still using paper logs to manage driver hours.

The company’s selection of Omnitracs’ MCP50 and related applications was driven by their desire to ensure regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and seamless integration with TMW Systems’ transportation management system, which Langer Transport also uses. 

“In the midst of evolving FMCSA regulations and market conditions, our company was ready to adopt an advanced technology system to keep pace with the changes and to make sure that our drivers are equipped with the best tools when out on the road,” said Bill Pobedinsky, director of safety and personnel at Langer Transport Corporation. “Doing so will help ensure that Langer Transport remains compliant, competitive and operates more efficiently than ever before. The entire company is very enthusiastic about this transition and has embraced it every step of the way.

“The response from drivers has been extremely positive. While many of them are new to modern mobile fleet management systems, they have embraced the changes and found the Omnitracs platform to be very user friendly. Installations of the in-cab hardware have been seamless, easily handled by our fleet mechanics, and we expect to complete the entire roll out by the end of January 2015.”

A critical application to the fleet will be Omnitracs’ hours of service (HOS) capability, which will help Langer Transport to improve the quality of life for its drivers by eliminating antiquated paper logs and ensure accurate reporting and compliance efforts. The Omnitracs ELD solution is compliant with FMCSA hours of service regulations, and helps to eliminate human error, while maximizing available driving hours, and reducing the labor related to keeping manual logs.

In addition to Hours of Service, Langer Transport will also implement the following user-friendly and intuitive applications:

·         Critical Event Reporting—monitors vehicles for critical safety-related events and provide immediate notification to help fleets manage driver behavior, improve fleet operations and prevent accidents.

·         Vehicle Inspection Reports—eliminates paper DVIRs and makes it easier for drivers to record pertinent inspection information to improve reporting, compliance, and defect resolution while saving money.

·         In-cab Navigation—a driver-centric solution that offers an intuitive in-cab user interface with extensive customization options; features CoPilot Truck, a highly customizable, on-board navigation application that provides reliable, detailed ALK Digital Maps enhanced with industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific attributes and a large selection of truck-specific Points of Interest.

“Langer Transport, like all tank truck fleets, is faced with an extremely rigorous regulatory climate, expensive operating model and complex risk management issues,” said David Vice, chief sales officer at Omnitracs. “Omnitracs MCP50 provides an affordable, easy-to-adopt solution that enables them to manage fleet safety and regulatory compliance proactively and cost effectively.”