Carbon Express raises driver pay

Nov. 25, 2014

Carbon Express Inc of Wharton NJ announced it will increase driver pay rates retroactive to November 1. This is the tank truck carrier’s second driver pay increase this year.

Carbon Express President Steve Rush said his drivers who are paid by miles will receive an increase raising their rate to 50 cents per hub mile. In addition Carbon Express drivers who are paid by the hour will receive an increase up to $25 an hour provided certain criteria are met.

Rush explained the increases in the following manner: “I am keenly aware of the impact of the current driver shortage. I’m in full agreement with those who say the primary reason for this shortage is driver wage stagnation. I believe that in some cases driver pay is about 30 years behind other professions. I intend to be at the forefront of the evolution of driver pay. In fact, this is Carbon’s second pay increase in the last five months. I resolve to continue to assure my drivers that not only will they be treated with dignity and respect but also that they will be well compensated for the job they do.”

Rush said he and his Compensation Review Team will continue to evaluate the Company’s wage practices and will meet on a quarterly basis to assess the wage model.