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Hoyer adds training tank container

July 23, 2014

Hamburg, Germany based logistics provider Hoyer recently added a tank container specially built to help train staff and educate customers and other. The three-compartment swap body tank is 7.15 metres (23.4 feet) long and will be used at training courses, presentations, and trade fairs.

Hoyer has specially constructed this training container to demonstrate the technology built into a modern tank. The container is being used as a centerpiece in practical on-the-job training programs, which complement the theoretical training received by the employees in the classroom. The training container is also being made available to customers and public bodies such as the police, fire brigade, and inspection institutes at information days.

Hoyer was supported throughout the development phase by Lindenau Full Tank Services (LFTS) and cotac in particular. The training container took some five months to build at a cost of €50,000 ($67,324). Currently based at Hoyer’s Dormagen, Germany, location, the container will later go to the Rotterdam, Netherlands, subsidiary.

The tank container is comprehensively equipped to enable realistic simulation of routine activities such as loading, unloading, and cleaning. “The possibility to demonstrate and practice the operation of valves, making hose connections, and use of other important and complicated equipment features all contribute to a better understanding of how to correctly and safely operate the tank,” says Ulrich Graupe, head of equipment management at Hoyer. “There is hardly any other training container that can boast this complexity.”

The development of the training container is another significant investment in the technical know-how of Hoyer’s own staff, helping to ensure that they have the necessary practical skills as well as the theoretical knowledge to perform at the highest level, according to Graupe.