Letters to the Editor

Dec. 1, 2010
Dear Editor, I look to Bulk Transporter to provide industry news that is current or legislative news that is helpful in planning. Your October editorial

Dear Editor,

I look to Bulk Transporter to provide industry news that is current or legislative news that is helpful in planning. Your October editorial provides neither. The generalizations you write about concerning the current administration, either on the regulatory side or their political machinations, provide readers with nothing that can be used in our industry.

I have been in the trucking business all my life and the tank truck business for the past 30 years, the last 25 as the owner of tank cleaning facilities. Regulation has always been present in our business, either from the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission), the various federal and state agencies for safety and environmental regulatory agencies.

These regulations have come and gone because of one thing: Industries behaving irresponsibly until regulations force them to act in the public interest. The consideration of acting for the public convenience and necessity, or public good, seems to have no relevance in modern industry. It was not the Obama Administration that caused the largest oil spill in our history. It was an oil company that tool shortcuts that cost not only the jobs you referred to in your editorial but peoples' lives on the platform that blew up. Is that responsible?

I wonder if the critics of Obamacare have ever shopped the market and tried to purchase health insurance for their small business. Fifteen years ago we used to have a selection of approximately eight to 10 health insurance providers. This last July, when investigating my options for employee health care, I had four companies from which to choose. We would have realized an increase in costs between 27.3% to 53.9% if we had gone with someone other than our current provider. As it was we stayed with our provider and were subjected to an increase of a mere 16.7%.

For at least the last 10 years, we have experienced increases of between 6% to 20% while trying to mitigate these increases with higher copays and deductibles. I wish I had a business that could dish out those kinds of increases and not lose customers. The current health care bill seems to be a convoluted mess, but at least an effort has been made.

You referred to small businesses bearing the brunt of this administration's “anti-business tone.” I know of no government programs or edicts that are inhibiting my growth. The largest inhibitors have been the cause of the financial mess we are in: the financial industry community. Did they behave responsibly by selling securities that were garbage and then betting that they would fail? Both political parties are culpable for the recession and supposed recovery we are experiencing.

I could go on with other examples but for the sake of brevity the above will do. Spewing such invectives as anti business, job killing, comparisons to McCarthyism, or calling Obama associates “toadies” does nothing except widen the chasm that prevents productive dialogue or compromise. Please keep your observations constructive. If I wanted to watch Fox, MSNBC, or any other political drama shows, I would turn to media other than an industry trade publication.
Bill Sturgeon
Fleet Operations Inc


Just read your editorial in the October issue, all I can say is right on target. Hopefully with the election behind us, we will see something positive going forward, but a great editorial!
Brent Bergevin
Director of Transportation
Gemini Motor Transport