HireRight DAC Edition simplifies screening

March 1, 2011
HireRight announced the availability of the HireRight DAC Edition, an integrated screening management system for transportation companies.

HireRight announced the availability of the HireRight DAC Edition, an integrated screening management system for transportation companies. Using HireRight DAC Edition, hiring and safety specialists at transportation companies can access and manage employment applications, background screening, drug and health testing, I-9 verification, and contingent workforce screening—all from a single dashboard.

According to Steven Spencer, vice-president of transportation solutions, HireRight DAC Edition was developed leveraging existing intellectual property and countless hours of observation and discussions with transportation companies. “We started with our award-winning solution, HireRight Enterprise, as a base,” said Spencer. “We then worked closely with our transportation-industry customers to identify key product requirements and gather critical feedback on version iterations. The result is what we believe to be a new benchmark for screening in the transportation industry; a solution that makes it easier to manage a comprehensive screening program while improving process efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting regulatory compliance.”

HireRight DAC Edition is designed to increase efficiency and reduce time-to-hire of qualified candidates. It allows all background screening and drug testing and employment eligibility programs to be managed through a single platform that is easily configured to each company’s screening policies and requirements. Features such as management dashboards, status alerts, multitasking, user management, instant search, and streamlined reporting speed the screening process and improve program visibility and consistency.

Most important to many companies in light of the new CSA initiative, HireRight DAC Edition is designed to help trucking firms manage and maintain compliance in the background checking and drug testing process easily and effectively. Advanced capabilities include intelligent ordering, dynamic reports, and the integration of the DAC Employment History File. A number of industry-specific capabilities within DAC Edition support compliance with Department of Transportation requirements.

HireRight DAC Edition enables companies to manage screening with centralized oversight while requiring minimal administrative and organizational resources. Collaboration features facilitate better communication among various team members from safety, recruiting and human resources located at multiple locations. At the same time, the platform facilitates compliance with corporate policies through the use of automated processes and electronic forms and signatures.