Dover Fueling Solutions

Dover delivers fuel transport tracking in Europe

Jan. 9, 2024
New collaboration between DFS and Click & Find enables fuel haulers and retailers to take ‘full control’ of their fueling operations, mitigate risk and theft, and expand services

Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is collaborating with Click & Find to deliver a new fuel transportation volume monitoring and tracking solution in Europe.

The partnership will enable fuel transporters and retailers across the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region to take “full control” of their business, mitigate risks and theft, and streamline operations with additional services, the companies reported.

The comprehensive monitoring and tracking solution works in conjunction with ProGauge magnetostrictive probe technology, allowing users to monitor loading and unloading activities and ensure accurate fuel deliveries. The technology also provides priority alarms if any abnormalities occur in transit and helps safeguard fuel assets by mitigating the risk of mistreatment and theft during the transportation phase, DFS said.

“Our tailored solutions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” Kurt Dillen, DFS VP of global business development, said in a news release. “Adding transportation monitoring solutions to existing fuel stations provides retailers a complete view of the fuel supply chain and absolute control over their fuel resources throughout the transportation process until delivery to a fuel station, where other DFS solutions take over to complete the automation cycle.”

The solution also can facilitate enhanced transport management by leveraging different software solutions and interfaces through quick integration with routing and dispatching software, automated synchronization with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and instant reconciliation with DFS fuel station management solutions.

“By utilizing ProGauge magnetostrictive probes, the new DFS and Click & Find solution can help ensure accurate fuel volume monitoring,” said Nicola Zingirian, Click & Find founder. “Fuel retailers or site owners can now achieve real-time reconciliation with fuel station management solutions to maintain accurate records, all while protecting fuel resources—from the source to the final delivery destination—with robust security measures.”