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SMC GLOBAL invests in ISO tank fleet

July 28, 2021
Specialty chemicals supplier deploys first 80 containers to strengthen supply chain hit by ‘equipment shortages around the world’

SMC Global says it is investing in an ISO tank fleet in an effort to ensure continuity of supply from oversea partners.

The first 80 ISO tanks already are in service, the company said, and will be used to supply, transport, and distribute its specialty solvent products to paint and coatings customers.

“As market leaders in several of the sectors in which we operate, SMC Global must continue to come up with solutions to ensure timely supply of critical raw materials to our customers,” said Kevin Huber, founder, executive vice president, and chief operating officer. “The building of this ISO tank fleet is a direct result of equipment shortages around the world.

“It is our priority and responsibility to take immediate steps to strengthen our supply chain.”

The newly acquired tanks are designed and constructed “to the highest quality” and pass all ISO inspections and certifications. The tank fleet consists of 20-foot tank containers with vertical baffles, including 50 fitted with ground-operated vapor recovery systems.

The ISO tank fleet will be managed internally by SMC Global’s logistics team, which coordinates the company’s transportation operations.

“We will spare no expense to make sure we keep our commitment to our customers,” said Adam Feldman, founder and CEO of SMC Global. “ISO tank deliveries have traditionally been a less costly and safer mode of transport, but in today’s market we are investing to secure supply.”

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